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Shrewsbury-Windle House, 2017 (Acanthus Arts project)

Shrewsbury-Windle House, 2017 (Acanthus Arts project)

CK Art Company

For 25 years Carla Knopp ran the CK Art Company as an umbrella organization for personal art and commissioned architectural painting. She closed her company in 2016, but continues work in the field under contract or employment to other ornamental painting companies. Over the years she has been fortunate to work on many exciting and award winning projects including Shrewsbury-Windle House double parlor conservation, the Lew Wallace study, multiple stages of the Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse renovation, the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple, and many more.

Her experiences have shaped her skills to include all manner of creative problem solving, from creating custom tools in the field to reworking a process to fit a budget. She has experience in surface preparation and painting, mural painting, paint restoration and conservation, prop building, foam sculpting, gilding, stenciling, rough carpentry, and sewing.

More recently she began working digitally, creating models for 3D printing and for game environment projects. She works with Blender, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Unity 3D, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Fusion 360 for her digital work.

This page serves as a selected archive of her work in ornamental painting, exhibitions, and historic restoration.


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